Guam High softball playoff game rescheduled after being cancelled due to coronavirus concerns

(Photo courtesy Guam High)

The Guam Department of Education Interscholastic Sports Association has agreed to allow a schedule shift to accommodate the Guam High School girl softball team following a missed playoff game stemming from concerns over the 2019 novel coronavirus.

On Thursday morning, Guam High School informed the GDOE ISA that it would be canceling all sports activities as a precautionary measure due to concerns over COVID-19.

This would have meant that Guam High School would have forfeited a softball playoff game against Southern High School that was scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The GDOE ISA acted accordingly and informed all competing teams and the officiating organizations of the impending forfeits.

However, following its initial announcement, Guam High School informed ISA that it had decided to continue to allow sports activities. The Guam High School softball team requested to continue to participate in the playoffs.

The DoDEA Community Superintendent appealed to Superintendent Jon Fernandez. Although it was too late to compete in the game scheduled for Thursday afternoon, Fernandez approved a shift in the schedule to allow the Guam High School softball team to continue to participate in the ISA softball league.

“With the region going through so much anxiety because of COVID-19, I understand the confusion and concern that led to DoDEA’s decision and also its reversal,” said Fernandez. “With that being said, I don’t think we need to make it worse by letting students bear the brunt of decisions outside their school’s control. The ISA league is primarily about promoting our young people, so we should support all of our athletes in having the opportunity to complete their season.”

(Information from a news release)