Guam Homeland Security Gets RANET Weather Alert System


Guam – Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) was one of the sixty-two (62) recipients within Micronesia to receive a RANET Chatty Beetle.
The Chatty Beetle is a system designed to provide weather alerts and notifications to remote locations where communication options are limited. The system is a messaging network to connect emergency managers and warning authorities together. The terminal serves as a ‘heads up’ alert device to give remote communities basic notification of potential hazards.

The ‘Beetle’ is hardened and will provide both a visual and audible cue when a message is received, displaying a message in a small screen. The Chatty Bettle terminal also supports two-way messaging, allowing operators to provide stautus reports and other field observations.

With funding from the USAID Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance, the Chatty Beetle will be piloted throughout Micronesia. The overall objective of the Chatty Beetle system is to develop and expand other communication links.

For more information please contact Alyssa Benito, Guam Homeland Security Public Affairs Officer at (671) 475-9600 or (671) 688-2824.