Guam Homeland Security Tests New Sirens


Testing of the All Hazards Warning System will continue throughout the month.

Guam – If you heard a siren earlier today, it was just a test. The Offices of Homeland Security and Civil Defense tested out another one of their All Hazards Alert Warning System siren today. This time, it was at the John F. Kennedy High School. With every testing, residents in the surrounding area can hear pre-scripted messaging, announcing the start of the test, wailing sirens and warning sounds.


PIO Jenna Gaminde explains the importance of these sirens. She says, “With all of the disasters and the large events we face here on the island, we are prone to many weather changes, large typhoons, it’s an El Nino year so it’s important to get these sirens up so that way we have an alert system for the community so that way if there is an immediate action that needs to be taken, we can promote that.” 


Gaminde says as of today, there are 10 out of 15 sirens already established.