Guam Homeland Security Will Conduct Exercise Simulating Biological/Chemical Event Weds in Cabras/Port Area


The Guam Office of Homeland Security and Civil Defense will be conducting an exercies on Wednesday simulating some sort of biological and chemical event in the cabras and port area. 

Guam – The Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense will be conducting a drill at the Port Authority of Guam tomorrow (Weds).


 Residents are being advised to not interfere with the exercises They will conduct what they are calling a small-scale simulated chemical biological drill in the Cabras area on from 7am to 6pm on Wednesday. The Port Authority of Guam, Port Police, Cabras Marine, the 94th Civil Support Team, the Guam National Guard, the Guam Fire Department and the GPD swat team will all be participating in this drill. So if you see heightened activity on land and sea in the Cabras and port area do not worry it is just a drill. Again they will be simulating some sort of biological or chemical event tomorrow(Weds.) from 7am to 6pm.