Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association Conducts Hotel Site Visits


Guam – The Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association (GHRA) conducted hotel site visits this month with the Guam Fire Department (GFD) for the purpose of reviewing and identifying appropriate areas for fire lanes, fire connections and emergency access for each property. 

The site visits took place for two weeks starting Tuesday, April 2nd and ending Thursday, April 11th.

Each site visit included a 30 to 45 minute physical review of the hotel property with GFD together with hotel and industry stakeholders including the Guam Visitors Bureau, Japan Guam Travel Association and G4S Security. Representatives from the industry were present for the purpose of  understanding and sharing information to ensure compliance and enforcement of the laws that govern the business community and keep the public safe.

All participating properties will receive an after-action report identifying fire lanes that need to be clearly marked with signage or markings or both, suggestions for active loading and unloading areas near or in front of hotel lobbies (if applicable) and a final map identifying all related areas. All drivers, commercial and non-commercial class A, are asked to adhere to the signs and comply with the law. Hotels should have areas identified for bus parking, optional tour van and taxi parking, and guest or visitor parking.

The combined effort allowed the hotel properties to work with GFD prior to the May 1, 2013 enforcement date of the new citation law which includes a $100 fine for the first citation, $400 fine for the second citation and $1,000 fine for the third citation. 

More than three citations will be considered a misdemeanor. For more information on the law or to work with GFD on fire lane questions or concerns, please contact GFD. The GFD conducts site inspections on a regular basis.

“We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to ensure compliance with GFD and promote solidarity within the business community and tourism industry on Guam,” stated President Mary Rhodes. “GHRA felt it was important to work with its member hotel properties to not only comply with the law, but to also document and produce a master map of the hotels within the H-zone that can be referenced during any emergency for future use by our first responders such as GFD, Guam Police Department, Guam Homeland Security, and other government agencies.”

The primary purposes of GHRA are to provide the highest standards of service and quality in the hotels and restaurants on Guam, advocate just legislation and governmental regulations governing the conduct of business, improve business-community relations through positive interactions with Guam’s citizenry, and publicize the value and benefits of the island’s visitor industry to the territory’s economy. GHRA is a private, non-profit trade association, which began in 1972, with a small group of hoteliers.

GHRA later revised its bylaws to include restaurants and allied members. Today, the association has 303 member organizations with nearly 8,000 guest rooms and over 18,000 employees.

For more information, contact GHRA at 649-1447, email at or visit us online at