Guam Imports $58M in Goods during April



The Bureau of Statistics and Plans has released shipping data for food, clothes, automobiles and other commodities.

Guam – Rice, meat and beer are staples at fiestas and barbecues, so it’s not surprise these items are among the top imports for Guam.

According to a report recently released by the Bureau of Statistics and Plans, Guam shipped in nearly $58 million in goods for consumers in the month of April.  The top category imported is food and non-alcoholic beverages, which represents thirty-eight and a half percent of all shipped goods.  The report from BSP shows that more than $1 million each of rice, chicken, and beef were imported — along with more than $2 million worth of beef.  That’s nearly equal the amount of beer shipped into Guam during the same period.


But the largest single item brought into the island in April?  New automobiles.  BSP says more than $8.5 million of cars, trucks, and SUVs were imported.  Click below for the full report from BSP.