Guam included in National Geographic’s ‘Destinations on the Rise for 2021’

Guam has been included in National Geographic's 'Destinations on the Rise for 2021' (GVB photo)

Guam has been included in National Geographic’s ‘Destinations on the Rise for 2021’ — a list of “25 amazing places to inspire future journeys and remind us why we love to travel.”

Ahead of a new year, with the promise of a return to travel, the National Geographic article noted that these 25 “timeless places” including Guam will define future itineraries.

The list was made by the global editors of National Geographic Travel and framed by five categories (Adventure, Culture and History, Nature, Family, Sustainability).

According to National Geographic, these superlative destinations speak of resilient communities, innovative conservation efforts, and thrilling opportunities for future explorations.

For Guam, National Geographic reported that one of the highlights for next year is the docking of a Spanish naval vessel in March 2021, as part of a commemorative voyage retracing the world-circling route launched by Magellan in 1519 and completed by Spanish navigator Juan Sebastián Elcano in 1522.

“For the Chamoru today, the arrival of the anniversary expedition is an opportunity to tell their story, one whose chapters include the Magellan encounter, Guam’s colonial history, and the realities of living at what’s dubbed the U.S. military’s “tip of the spear” in the Pacific,” the NG article stated.