Guam Insular Guard Remembered


Guam – Before the crack of dawn a special ceremony was held at the Plaza De Espana commemorating the brave men of the Guam Insular Guard who defended the island against the Japanese invasion in 1941.



 This insular guard was made up of Chamorro men who were only trained for 9 months prior to the attack on the island’s capital. A little over a 100 men armed mostly with old rifles and pistols, fought 700 Japanese invaders for 45 minutes. There has never been a ceremony commemorating the few brave men who stood in Defense of Guam and the American flag until now. The Ginen I Hila I Magataotao Siha association held today’s ceremony which included a brief skit depicting a Guam insular guardsman leaving for battle. “Very few present day Chamorro’s know of these men and even lesser few know of their heroic actions these were the only men who actually faced the enemy in battle on invasion day these were the men who fought right here on the Plaza De Espana,” said Benavente.

 The Guam Insular Guard were the only line of defense against the Japanese invasion of Guam. The records of this battle are scarce and the guardsmen were never even considered full fledged members of the Navy. Instead they were classified as “native” seamen.