Guam International Airport Celebrates 35th Anniversary


Guam- The Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA) is culminating its 35th anniversary celebration by appreciating its tenants and employees.

Executive Manager Mary Torres says the airport started off with a quonset hut all those years ago and grew into a 767 thousand square foot facility. While they are having a tenant employee appreciation banquet tonight at the Pacific Islands Club (PIC), she also mentions they are celebrating the 75th anniversary of aviation in Guam. Joined by her new Deputy Executive Manager Peter Roy Martinez, both leaders thank everyone for the continued success and prosperity of the airport.

“I’m looking forward in helping Mary and I’m looking forward to more passenger arrivals and you know, support the tourists and the airport family” said Martinez.

“This is truly Guam’s airport and everything that we do is focused on making it a success story for the island of Guam” said Torres. “On behalf of the Board of Directors and management and staff, we’re very proud to work for your airport and very committed to doing a good job for you.”

Martinez joins the airport staff after serving 19 years at the University of Guam (UOG). He brings to the table a background of various management, marketing, finance and public relation skills.