Guam International Airport Celebrates Its Rich Chamorro & Naval History


Guam- The Guam International Airport caped the close of Chamorro Month Thursday by celebrating the airport’s rich history of civil and Naval aviation service on Guam.

Dozens gathered to sample the flavors of  Chamorro dishes and enjoying island music as Airport officials marked the occasion with the presentation of the Tiyan memorial plaque.

Executive Manager Mary Torres says the airport was built by hand by the Chamorro people during World War II. And an artistic rendition of that historical event was presented to GIAA by former Guam Congressman and retired Marine General Ben Blaz.

“We’re celebrating the historical contributions the Chamorro people gave during the World War II occupation when they under duress paved the area of land that was destined to be an airstrip for the occupying forces” said Torres. “It was never utilized by the occupying forces but it became the naval airfield. And it’s in the approximate site of where our runways are today. So I thought this was a significant thing to celebrate during Chamorro month.”

The airport is also honoring and memorializing the presence of naval aviation at its facility. The airport authority granted joint use of the airfield with the Navy from 1974 until the late 1990’s.