Guam Is First Territory To Implement Sex Offender Registry


Guam- Guam has become the first U.S. Territory and the 7th jurisdiction nationwide to implement the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

At a press conference held Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General Lenny Rapadas says this means the island will qualify for annual grant awards under the Bryne JAG formula. In fact, the AG’s office partnered with the Guam Judiciary, the Guam legislature and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the island does not become a hiding place for convicted sex offenders and child molesters.

Rapadas and his team also say it took legislation and going forward with the sex offender registry to implement SORNA.

“Guam has become the 7th jurisdiction” said Rapadas. “ So 7th out of almost 250 jurisdictions. We think that’s a pretty big accomplishment, but the things that are important to us is that we’re basically able to keep track of the sex offenders out there. Guam is able to do that in a meaningful way. “

Rapadas adds if Guam isn’t in compliance with SORNA regulations, then the island could be hit with a 10% cut in its grant funding for the program.

Guam’s sex offender registry was first implemented in 2008.