Guam Island Fiesta Tour is Back

Guam Visitors Bureau (PNC graphic by Ricky De Guzman)
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GVB, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Council of Guam, is announcing the Guam Island Fiesta Tour– an event to showcase CHamoru history and culture which will take place this Sunday, October 9th.

The villages that will start the tour are the southern villages of Humåtak and Yona.

In an interview with PNC, the Mayor of Humåtak, Johnny Quinata expressed his excitement with the return of the fiesta tour. He explained why residents and travelers should check out the village of Humåtak.

Quinata said, “The historical sites, the church right in front of you, all the historical sights, you know. People are coming down here, down south to Humåtak because of the sightseeing and the beauty of the people, the heart.”

GVB Vice President Gerry Perez gave PNC details on why the southern villages were chosen for the Guam Island Fiesta Tour.

He said, “A part of it has to do with a sense of place. It’s easier to congeal a sense of place and cultural authenticity in a smaller setting like a small village, than trying to do it in a metropolitan environment where there’s too many distractions and too many noise.”

Perez added, “Guam is a destination, as only the cultural heritage, to me it’s differentiating brand identity. If you look at other destinations, a lot of places have beaches, nightlife, and things of that nature. But there’s only one CHamoru cultural heritage–and that differentiates Guam.”

In addition to the festivities, Yona will celebrate its patron saint, St. Francis of Assissi and Humåtak will celebrate its patron saint San Dionisio el Aeropagita.

Although the Guam Island Fiesta Tour is targeted at travelers and the military to learn and live through the culture of the island, Mayor Quinata also encourages Guam’s locals to come on board as well.

Quinata said, “I want to let the people of Guam know to come down to the village of Humåtak and see the beauty of the village, and the food, and our hearts. Our hearts are so good down here. We want people to come down and enjoy.”

Interested individuals can visit GVB’s website at

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