Guam Judiciary Gets $4.5 Million


Guam – As one of his last official acts if not the last official act, Governor Felix Camacho signed off on millions of dollars of additional funding for the judiciary of Guam. 

Friday in the Supreme Court of Guam they announced the awarding of $4.5 million dollars from the Department of Interior. Camacho, Chief Justice Robert Torres, and Assistant Secretary of the Interior Tony Babauta worked together to secure the funding that will go towards improving the court’s case management system.$3.7 million will go towards the judiciary of Guam with the remainder going to DISID and the Department of Corrections. “When the monies became available I thought of the court immediately knowing that under the ARRA program they got partial funding for what was supposed to be a Multi-step process in seeking funding for their case management system and I thought that this branch of government has a proven track record of money well spent.” This funding should help the courts develop a state of the art electronic case management system one that will be easier for the public to access and use.