Guam Legislature Takes An Official Stand Against Navy’s Proposed Programmatic Agreement


Guam – Lawmakers passed resolutions 432 and 420 this afternoon by 14 votes each which is almost unanimous. Senator frank Aguon Jr. is off-island and was excused from voting.




Resolution 432 expresses the Guam legislature’s objection to the Department of Defense’s programmatic agreement with the Guam State Historic Preservation Office without further consultation with the people of Guam. The resolution calls the mitigation proposed in this agreement as inadequate. Guam State Historic Preservation officer Lynda Aguon stated through an email that she would not sign the agreement stating “Ms. Aguon will not act contrary to resolution 432.” Lawmakers also passed resolution 420 which expresses their support for the declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples. It also requests that the Obama administration reconsider the Guam military buildup.