Guam Liberation to be celebrated in Congress; House Speaker Pelosi confirmed to attend

Congressman Michael San Nicolas is shown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker has confirmed that she will attend the commemoration of Guam's Liberation in Congress.

The annual Congressional Liberation gala festivities will be held again this year after a multi-year hiatus, Congressman Michael F.Q. San Nicolas announced.

This year marks the first time in the event’s history that a Guam registered non-profit organization and not a stateside organization is the official host, San Nicolas said.

The Autism Community Together (ACT) has a memorandum of agreement with the congressman’s office to host the event.

“After the Guam Society of America rejected our request to host this important event, we are extremely grateful for the organizational support of the Autism Community Together (ACT) to make this possible,” San Nicolas said in a news release. “More importantly, 10 percent of all donations for this Liberation event in Washington D.C. will go to support Autism Community Together and the work they do on Guam for our people.”

This year’s event will be hosted in the Capitol Botanic Garden on July 17 and features first-time event performances from Jesse & Ruby (and friends), Siñot Frank Rabon (Master Of CHamoru Dance) and the GVB Dance Academy, and solo dance performances from the Guam District Director and professional cultural dance artist of 17 years Mrs. Jennifer Winn.

In addition, there will be a special solo vocal performance from vocalist pioneer and event coordinator Mr. Michael Kilayko, the official presence of the 2019 Guam Cherry Blossom Princess and Guam Congressional Office team member Ms. Elima Ahzi, and the official presence of 2018 Guam Liberation Queen Ms. Kamarin Nelson.

According to San Nicolas, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, has already confirmed her attendance as the guest of honor, as well as numerous other members of Congress and caucuses.

“We would like to especially thank our local government partners, our record breaking number of sponsors, the many volunteers, and the precision of event coordinator Michael Kilayko for their hard work to make this 75th Liberation Anniversary possible,” San Nicolas said. “Guam is going to bring it this year, and we are committed to making an unforgettable impression not only of our island and our people, but of our need to address autism in our Guam community,” he added.