Guam Live started as privately funded concert


Guam – Is Guam Live a GVB event that was outsourced to a private company to manage or was it a private company’s event that GVB eventually took over? GVB says that although the Guam Live Concert series was started by Tropical Productions GVB now owns the name to the brand and is now outsourcing the management of the concert series to Tropical Productions Inc or TPI.

In 2013 TPI Held the first Guam Live concert. It’s something TPI itself called “an annual local music & entertainment festival.”

Then in 2014 GVB decided it wanted to hold a music festival and so they put out an RFP for event management. Tropical Productions was awarded the contract and GVB’s festival was given the same name that Tropical Productions used for its festival in 2013.

“Yeah, so in 2014 GVB put out an RFP for event management services to hold an international music festival. The winning company was Tropical Productions in that bid and we worked with them to call the international music festival Guam Live,” said GVB President and CEO Nate Denight.

“Who owns the Guam Live concert name or brand?” asked PNC. “It’s a GVB signature event so GVB,” replied Denight. “So GVB owns that brand name?” asked PNC. “Yeah, now,” replied Denight. “So that was a Tropical Productions brand initially correct?” asked PNC. “They had an event, a small event in 2013 that is also Guam Live so they recommended that we use that for this new international music festival,” replied Denight. “Who recommended?” Asked PNC. “Tropical Productions,” replied Denight.

Tropical productions was awarded the contract for event services management for one year from December 27, of 2013 through September 30th of 2014. However, the contract also allowed GVB to renew the contract annually for 3 fiscal years at GVB’s discretion.

The contract was not only for Guam Live but for other events as well. The first year GVB paid Tropical Productions $35,000 for the Guam Live concert, and $50,000 for the Guam Micronesian Island Fair for a total of $85,000. GVB opted to renew the contract in 2015 for another $85,000 for the same two events.

Then in 2016 the contract was renewed again but this time it was significantly altered. Now GVB offered to pay $60,000 for the Guam Live festival. According to the contract this increase was “due to the increase in logistics and planning associated with the relocation of the event to a new venue.”

GVB took out the Guam Micronesian Island Fair event from the contract but they added a new event for Tropical Productions to manage. They added a World Health Organization conference and offered to pay Tropical Productions $60,000 to manage it.

The contract was amended again in 2016 this time to add the planning and execution of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts for $100,000.

The 2016 contract was amended one more time for an additional 10 thousand dollars for continued services related to FESTPAC. According to a letter dated January 11th of 2017, GVB issued amendment number 3 for the 2016 contract to extend the timeline of the task order for the FESTPAC planning and execution.

The letter states that TPI “continued beyond June 2016 to provide services on this project.”

Hence a contract that started out as an $85,000 contract in 2014 turned into a contract for $230,000 dollars by 2016.

Although GVB provided some of the expenditures for the 2017 Guam Live concert they did not provide the contract for 2017.