Guam Losing Battle Against Coconut Rhino Beetle


Guam – So far nothing is working on the eradication of the coconut rhinoceros beetle and in fact it is continuing to spread around the island and has even made it inland to the central jungles of Guam.

Guam incident commander for the coconut rhino beetle eradication program Dr. Russel Campbell says the rhino beetle has proved to be one tough customer. This beetle is an invasive species that attacks and kills coconut trees and other palms. So far, the viruses and pesticides they have tried to use to kill the beetle have all failed. “The beast we have here is like a super bug it wouldn’t easily be affected by many of the pesticides we’ve tried and also the virus which is effective elsewhere has little or no effect on them we’ve had to go back and we’ve now come up with what we think is an effective pesticide.”

The beetle has now spread into parts of Piti and even into the Leo Palace or Manengon hills area. If you see a coconut rhino beetle in your village you can call 475-PEST.