Guam Makes List of CNN’s 6 “Most Colorful Colonial Hangouts”


Guam –  Guam is one of 6 places in the world on a CNN list of the of  the “World’s Most Colorful Colonial Holdouts.”

The story, posted on the CNN website, says that the food on Guam is “a unique fusion of Spanish, Mexican and native Chamorro influences — spicy dishes featuring tortillas, soy, corn bread and coconut.”

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The story refers to Guam’s “almost blindingly white sands” and it highlights the “huge underwater coral craters” that “teem with stingrays” and attract a large number of  scuba divers.

It also makes note of Guam’s “obsession with Spam” and the island’s  popularity as a wedding venue for tourists.

of world’s most colorful colonial holdouts