Guam may allow shorter quarantine times

GovGuam quarantine facility. (PNC file photo)

If its plans push through, the Department of Public Health and Social Services may allow shorter quarantine times for travelers entering Guam.

Dr. Felix Cabrera, DPHSS chief medical officer, said they are going to be adopting the US Centers for Disease Control recommendations for length of quarantine.

“And so, if you are released after day seven there will no longer be a transfer to home quarantine because you will be done with quarantine at that point. But you still have to fully comply with the 14-day symptom monitoring, the Sara alert, and downloading the COVID app as it applies,” Cabrera said.

If you refuse testing or testing for whatever reason is not available, then you will just complete a 10-day quarantine and no longer 14 days. Cabrera said DPHSS has been more conservative than the CDC guidelines, but now that Guam has vaccinated more than 50 percent of the adult population, they are more comfortable about following the less restrictive CDC guidelines.

“So this is now what we are adopting and again what affords us the ability to adopt the CDC scoring guidelines, because we were more conservative previously, is because we reached this 50% mark of our eligible adults being vaccinated. So at this point, we feel really safe to adopt this process and these shortened quarantine times,” Cabrera said.

He added that the more relaxed guidelines will also be mirrored for the community exposures to the fully vaccinated.

“So if you are exposed to somebody who is positive for COVID, you will not be required to vaccinate if we can confirm your full vaccination status,” Cabrera said.

The doctor, however, stressed that this is just a proposal at this time.

“We’re providing this to the public so that there can be time to digest this and ask questions and start seeking preparations for those who may be traveling,” Cabrera said.


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