Guam May Not Have Fireworks For 67th Liberation Day


Guam- The island may not have fireworks on liberation day for the first time in recent memory.

You may recall, fireworks set aside in a container for the July 4 and July 21 celebrations went up in flames on May 27. While an arson investigation is still being conducted, the Mayors Council of Guam has had a difficult time finding replacements with the contractor that supplies the island’s fireworks.

Executive Director Angel Sablan says they are already looking at different alternatives if they can’t get fireworks this year. Among the proposals include a large concert, a laser light show or finding fireworks possibly from Australia.

“Liberation, we’ve always had fireworks and if it doesn’t happen this year, it’ll probably be a first” said Sablan. “And unfortunately, it’s not because we don’t have the funds. It’s not because the Mayors’ Council of Guam doesn’t want to have it. It’s because we can’t get it here on time. And we already paid 50% deposit for the fireworks cause it was here on island. But like I said, unfortunately, something happened to it.”

As of news time, Sablan tells PNC that the council has been referred to another company that previously supplied fireworks on Guam and they will be working on other alternatives.