Guam Medical Association Republican Gubernatorial Debate A Sell Out


Guam – The Guam Medical Association sponsored the first debate of this political season Wednesday night. It was moderated by K-57’s Patty Arroyo.


The gubernatorial team of Senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio will face off against the team of Lt. Governor Mike Cruz and Senator Jim Espaldon. The Guam Medical association has been hard at work coordinating the gubernatorial debate for this primary election but why them? Dr. Thomas Shieh explained saying, “The Guam Medical Association we sort of a community of physicians professionals but we also look at the advocacy of the entire island and I think a forum like this gets the issues out to the public and the forum is actually very balanced it’s not just about health care it’s about health care education tourism economy you name it and the issue will be on the floor for discussion.”

In fact the forum will feature questions on the social welfare of the island as well as the military buildup. Dr. Shieh says they hope to ask up to 18 questions. “The leading question will be answered by the first candidate and that’s gonna be about 90 seconds. 90 / 90 seconds then a 60 second rebuttal, 60 second rebuttal and that’s gonna be decided by a coin toss the Cruz/Espaldon (team) won the coin toss so they have decided to close and the Calvo/Tenorio (team) will choose to open,” explained Shieh.

Senator Eddie Calvo says he and his running mate Senator Ray Tenorio are excited about the debates and are looking forward to using this debate as a forum to explain their platform. “(And how do you think your team will do? Do you think you’ll out debate the other team?),” we asked. “I don’t know about out debate but we’re going to present our views we’re going to obviously point out the areas that we have maybe similar with our opponents and where we have differences as well,” said Calvo. We asked, “What do you think differs yourself from your opponent?” To which Calvo replied, “Well obvious difference is, we’re not at Adelup, they are.”

The Cruz/Espaldon team declined an opportunity to comment before the deabte.