Guam Medical Association recommends lockdown of island for two weeks

GMA president Tom Shieh (PNC photo)

The Guam Medical Association is recommending that the government lock down and quarantine the island for two weeks.

“Stop any new viruses from coming in, and allow us two weeks to manage and recover from our current local infection. Time for us to also revamp our strategy before we open that gate again,” GMA president Tom Shieh said in a statement.

He added that GovGuam and all residents should be prepared as much as possible because Guam is very small.

“Unlike our stateside partners, we don’t have enough doctors, nurses, supplies, and with only two civilian hospitals that we must protect. We are on the frontlines of healthcare on Guam and the people of Guam, our patients depend on us to care for them – please STAY SAFE,” Shieh wrote.

He added: “I’ve received many texts and calls from you and I share your concerns on this Coronavirus crisis. We are in a state of emergency and so be prepared to be a casualty of this war against this virus if we do not stand and be heard.”

The doctor also pointed out that the infection rate is high and one person as mentioned by the governor never traveled but is positive for COVID19, so the virus is already being spread locally.

“As our nation’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci noted, we have to STOP the virus from coming in and blunt the infectious curve. This is especially important for our small island. We have a gate that is open for this virus and that is at the airport,” Shieh wrote.

The group plans to hold a press conference to ask GovGuam to lock down Guam.