Guam Medical Campus taking steps forward

The old and dilapidated Guam Memorial Hospital will be replaced by a new hospital. (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s new one-stop medical campus is taking steps forward – with the unveiling of its Medical Action plan – which is now available and easily accessible to the public.

The master plan answers a question that has been up since the new hospital’s conception – why Eagle’s field?

For the first time since the idea’s conception – GovGuam has released documents and records on the new medical campus – which is now readily accessible to the public.

According to the Medical Campus master plan, Eagle’s Field in Mangialo was the overall top choice out of 15 alternative locations.

Those 15 locations are:

  • Adacao
  • Anderson South
  • Cross Island Road
  • Eagles Field
  • Guam Memorial Hospital
  • Finegayan
  • Lot 198 Yona
  • Lot 508 in Merizo
  • Lot 7163 on Route 1 in Yigo
  • Oka Point
  • Radio Barrigada
  • South Finegayan
  • Tract 10123
  • Two Lovers Point
  • and the UOG Conservation.

According to the master plan – they narrowed down the list to Ypao Point, more commonly known as the current GMH site, Adacao, and Eagle’s Field.

A question that most people had was, “why Eagle’s Field?”

The “Preferred Site Plan Selection” part of the master plan stated that Eagle’s Field’s “102-acre site is large enough to accommodate a medical campus and is centrally located…the NEXRAD radar facility is a minor concern, and the infrastructure upgrades will be required. However, the location is accessible and large enough for a medical site.”

PNC previously reported that the military made plans to put a radar facility adjacent to the medical complex on Eagles Field, as a means to have a four-pronged missile defense system for Guam.

Ultimately, Eagle’s Field was chosen primarily because of the following reasons:

  • Adequate Size
  • Limited disruption to neighborhoods during construction
  • and Opportunities for utility infrastructure development.
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