Guam Medical Society urges residents to take COVID-19 seriously


The Guam Medical Society is urging the island community to take COVID-19 safety procedures seriously as it not only affects our health but also our economy and mental stability.

In a statement, the Guam Medical Society pointed out COVID-19 is different and more serious from the flu as it has no vaccine or proven treatment. People who don’t show symptoms could still be positive of COVID-19 and be able to spread it easily.

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There are certain groups that are at a much higher risk of being exposed and seriously ill due to COVID-19. However, the disease can still affect those who are young and otherwise healthy.

Currently, the numbers of positives are increasing rapidly and GMH is working around the clock, shifting physicians and nurses to accommodate and treat COVID-19 patients, as well as making sure there are enough units for them.

The Guam Medical Society understands the need of wanting lives to return back to normal, no longer requiring to wear masks, being able work, going to school, and so on but in order for that to happen, the group is urging everyone to practice precautions.

This includes staying home if safely possible, avoiding large gatherings, wear masks that cover nose and mouth and washing hands frequently.

Physicians, too, are waiting for the vaccine for COVID-19 and want things to return to normal. They want to remind the public they must do their part to also fight the virus.