Guam Memorial Hospital suspends visitation policy

Guam Memorial Hospital
Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

The Guam Memorial Hospital announced the suspension of its visitation policy Saturday, effective immediately.

In a memo to all employees, staff, patients and family, GMH Administrator Lillian Perez-Posadas explained that the suspension was being implemented “to prevent the spread of infection”.

The memo establishes the following rules which will be “strictly enforced”:

*Emergency Department:

The emergency department is restricted to patients and staff only. A patients authorized visitor/caregiver will be instructed to wait in other areas of the hospital that are open to the public

-If a patient’s authorized visitor/caregiver is required to provide information, or if an emergent situation arises that requires the visitor/ caregiver’s presence, that person will be contacted and provided with further instructions by GMHA staff.

-If the admitted patient is a minor, person with a disability, or otherwise requires a guardian, one (1) visitor/guardian will be authorized to accompany the patient.

*All other patient care areas:

-Only one (1) visitor/caregiver per patient will be permitted inside the hospital facility. This includes overnight stays.

*Viewing Room:

Viewing for the deceased will be limited to one (1) hour.

Temperature screening

GMHA has also begun temperature screenings of all visitors and caregivers before entering the hospital.

Persons who register temperatures of 100º Fahrenheit or higher will not be allowed entrance.

The GMHA strongly encourages any person with temperatures of 100º Fahrenheit or higher to contact their private physicians.

If a primary caregiver exceeds acceptable temperatures, an alternate caregiver will need to be identified.