Guam mother wins battle to have son released from hotel quarantine

Leah Metra

A local mom has won her battle with Adelup to get her son out of his hotel quarantine on Guam.

Leah Metra’s son and brother-in-law flew back to Guam from California on Mother’s Day Sunday to attend a family funeral.

Before they left the states, the two went to an LA-area clinic to get a COVID-test to prove they’re negative. But when they got to Guam, they were told they took the wrong tests and that only nasal swabs were acceptable.

That’s when Metra’s fight began to have them tested locally and get them out of hotel quarantine.

She called everyone she could at Public Health, Adelup, and the hotel sites, with very little movement.

Finally, Public Health agreed to test them and they were swabbed Wednesday afternoon. Their results came back negative, among the 64 individuals tested by Public Health last night.

The two were allowed to leave the hotel by around 7:30 p.m. and the family was reunited to properly begin grieving the family death.

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“It was really hard and I haven’t really even been able to process that yet, because of everything else that happened. I don’t want another family to go through that. There will be families that could have had issues if I didn’t speak up and say something. They have to be able to be clear at the screening process at the airport…I don’t know how much more I can stress that. Because that is the key point … whoever is doing the screening should be properly trained and have some type of standard procedure to follow,” Metra said.

Metra’s son and brother-in-law are continuing the remainder of their quarantine at home until this weekend.

Adelup has since changed the wording in its public documents with regards to testing, making it clear that it’s a nasal swab they’re looking for.