Guam Museum Hosts Unknown Project Art Gallery

A magnificent visual display can be seen at the front of the Guam Museum. It’s part of the Christmas Festival launched Saturday evening. (PNC photo by Kevin Kerrigan)

Art, music, and conversation will take the lead tonight at the Guam Museum as they host the opening night of the Unknown Projects: Freshman Class art gallery.

PNC’s Khyomara Santana has more on the story…

Starting at 7 pm tonight, the event aims to educate students and the community about the different self-governance choices that Guam has through appreciation of the arts.

Hosted by The Commission on Decolonization along with the Department of CHamoru Affairs, the event will feature works of different local artists and students.

In an interview on News Talk K57’s with Mayor Jesse Alig, the Executive Director of the Commission on Decolonization, Melvin Won Pat-Borja, spoke about the reasons behind the creation of this art exhibit.

Director Won Pat said, “When we proposed the project to the board, the idea was that we wanted to put on a decolonization conference for our young people but we wanted it to have a focus on the arts. And particularly what is the role of art and music in decolonization in a social justice movement”

He added, “Decolonization and the address of our political status is really an issue that our young people need to be aware of because ultimately they’re the ones that are going to see this change to fruition.”

During the past two days, the Fanhita Manhoben art youth conference featured artwork from students aged 14 to 25, which allowed them to express themselves through art along with having conversations on decolonization efforts.

Director Won Pat said, “One of the things that Unknown Projects did for us was that they created an art gallery down here in our main lobby and that was what we used to, kind of, share with our students how art can be used as a vehicle, as the medium to promote change and to promote conversation around these critical issues. And so the students also themselves engaged in generating their own self-expression and artistic representation”

The art exhibit at the Guam Museum tonight will be free to the public and will host a variety of art projects and music curated by Josh Barrigada.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center, I’m Khyomara Santana.

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