Guam Museum opens Liberation exhibit

The Guam Museum's Liberation exhibit will run from June 21 through Sept. 29.

The Guam Museum has opened its doors to a new exhibit in honor of the 75th anniversary of Guam’s Liberation during World War II entitled “In Ha-ha-sso Ha’ – Nina’-en Pas yan Ina-gof-li-e … We Still Remember: A legacy of Peace and Friendship.”

Clifford Guzman, of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, said there are four thematic areas within the exhibit.

“The first one is remembering and basically it’s creating the context in which you recall the events of the Japanese occupation and the arrival of the US armed forces to liberation itself. And we move forward then to the next theme which is rebuilding. This provides an emphasis on post-war reconstruction in the political, social cultural and economic impacts of war,” Guzman said.

The third theme, Guzman said, is reconciliation and making sense of the experience of war and the aftermath, through the memorials and the peaceful overturns between the Chamorros, Americans, and Japanese.

Finally, the fourth theme is reclaiming and examining the narrative of liberation and its legacy as well as the varied interpretations and meanings embraced by the Chamorro people.

There are over a hundred photos and images from the Navy Art Collection in Washington, D.C., from Naval combat artist William F. Draper, liberation era photographs from the Edgar Sachs’ collection at the War in the Pacific National Historical Parks, and from the collections of Dr. William Weare and Captain Hans Sholley of the USN, Joint Region Marianas.

The Guam Museum invite you to witness, In Ha-ha-sso Ha’ which will run from June 21 through Sept. 29. You can also contact the museum directly for tours, admission rates, and other information at 989-4455 or online at