Guam Museum opens permanent exhibit

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Guam – The Guam Museum’s permanent exhibit is now open and yesterday the governor and other officials unveiled the long-awaited exhibit.

The first floor has been housing a revolving exhibit that features different exhibits. Now the second floor of the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum and Chamorro Educational Facility will finally house its permanent exhibit called “I Hinanao-ta Nu I Manaotao Tano I Chamoru Siha” or the Journey of the Chamoru people.

“The opening of this exhibition also marks the completion of our permanent facility. A place for learning and sharing. It’s your Guam Museum folks. It also has an exhibition that strives to tell the story from the perspectives of the Chamoru people,” said Guam Museum board of trustees President Johnny Sablan.

Governor Eddie Calvo said this museum will help educate the children of Guam about the island’s rich history.