VIDEO: Guam National Guard Celebrates 32nd Anniversary With 5k & Competitive Events


Guam- The Guam National Guard is celebrating its 32nd anniversary this weekend with a total of 6 events and competitions.


Major Josephine Blas and Major Frank Blaz say they kick things off with the annual Taotaomo’na 5k Run/Walk tomorrow morning [Saturday]. Blas mentions they are expecting over two thousand people. Aside from the 5k event, two Guard-only races will occur between the Air and Army Guard units. Those races include the Body Armor relay race and a Team 5k Run.

“It’s going to be in competition with all the various units of the National Guard,” said Blas. “So all of that is going to be happening simultaneously and actually, the two Guard-only events will start at 5:50 in the morning, with the public event going out at 6 a.m..”

Major Blaz also says the competition between the Guard units continues on Sunday, July 7 at the Tiyan softball fields. These events are part of the Guard’s TAG Cup 2013 competition, which ends on Sunday. WWE champion Eve Torres will also be featured as the Guard’s special guest for the weekend activities.

“On Sunday, all of our activities will be happening at the Tiyan softball fields,” said Blaz. “The Saturday events will be happening here at the Readiness Center. Sunday, all of the Tiyan softball fields, upper and lower. We’ll be taking up the whole entire location. We’ll have a partial road closure to ensure the safety of our soldiers, airmen and families. That’ll be going on from about 7 a.m. to 12 p.m..”

Blas adds public parking for the 5k event tomorrow will be available inside the Readiness Center and across the street in Tiyan.