Guam National Men’s Spearfishing team ripe and ready for Micro Games

Guam National Mens Spear Fishing team. Top. L-R Mike Cassidy, Chase Weir, Jose Villagomez, Ray Flores, Seated: Todd Genereux, James Borja. Not pictured: Vince Pangelinan

The 2018 Micronesian Games in Yap opens up this Sunday July 17th. And the the Guam National Men’s Spearfishing team is set to go. Leading team Guam will be Long time Veteran James Borja as team Captain. Borja who won Gold in the team category in the last Micro Games in 2014 in Pohnpei, decided to take a break from competing inside the water and will now help guide the team through the heavy 3 day competition.
According to Borja, Ray Flores, Mike Cassidy and Mike Genereux will be the main divers in the water. All three have extensive backgrounds in the sport and have competed and medaled in previous Micro Games. Safety divers Chase Weir, Jose Villagomez, and Vincent Pangelinan round out the squad. Team Guam’s spearfishing team will begin competition the day after the opening ceremonies on Monday July 18.

Here is a history of Guam Men’s Spear Fishing in the Micronesian Games in both the Individual and Team categories since 1998. Information provided by James Borja.

Indvidual                     Team

1998 in Palau           Gold                             Gold
2002 in Pohnpei       Gold                             Silver (Pohnpei Gold)
2006 in Saipan         Silver (CNMI Gold)        Silver (CNNI Gold)
2010 in Palau           Silver (Palau Gold)        Gold
2014 in Pohnpei       Silver (Palau Gold)         Gold