Guam National Wildlife Refuge Closed From: Feb. 20 – Mar. 2 for Ongoing Fence Construction


Guam – The Ritidian Unit and Nature Center of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge will be closed to the public from FEB 20 to MARCH 02, 2012, with the exception of the weekend Feb 25/26 when we will be open.

Because the on-going fencing construction will now occur along the refuge entrance road the Refuge will have to remain closed to the public.

The fencing project in progress is the installation of a multi-species barrier fence to keep out feral pigs, deer, cats, dogs and brown tree snakes. The fence is 6 feet tall and encloses approximately 125 acres of the refuge. This will greatly help in providing a predator-free habitat to Guam’s native species such as the Fanihi (Mariana’s Fruit Bat), the Ko’ko’ (Guam Rail), and other native birds now extirpated from the island.

The Refuge will re-open on March 03, 2012 and remain open thereafter.  Our normal hours of operations are 7:30 am- 4:00 pm daily and closed on all Federal Holidays.  

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