Guam Ninja Warrior Deren Perez gives advice to the youth

Guam Ninja Warrior Deren Perez (PNC photo)

Guam’s Ninja Warrior Deren Perez expresses his passion for training and shares his advice on those who seek to become a Ninja Warrior.

Perez, who represented Guam in the American Ninja Warrior competition, says that what matters is that you have fun and that it is not about how you rank in the competition.

He also encourages potential, young competitors to remember why they’re passionate about what they do best.

Perez would like to remind and motivate people to not step down when they fail should they come across obstacles.

The main thing, according to him, is for people to enjoy what they do and remember their roots.

When Perez competed in American Ninja Warrior, he unveiled the Guam flag to promote the island. He competed in different countries such as the UK and Asia and joined various competitions including American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior UK, and SASUKE Vietnam.

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