Guam Not Affected by Bottled Water Recall Yet

Be careful the next time you decide to take a sip of bottled water because it might contain the bacteria E.coli.

Guam – DPHSS EPH Officer III Claire Baradi says, “Niagara has voluntarily recalled all spring water produced at their Pennsylvania sites or manufacturing facilities. It is a precaution because they have confirmed that there hasn’t been any issues or detection of e-coli on any other finished product so it’s just a precaution.” 


Local public health officials are saying: don’t panic because out of the 14 recalled brands, only one can be found on island which is Niagara and out of their products only their spring water is part of the recall list.
Baradi explains, “There’s no need of panic. We did some investigation. We did find some distributors do carry Niagara bottled water but they checked their lots and none of the affected lots turned up in the lots stocked here in Guam.”
According to Niagara’s website, they issued the voluntary recall of spring water produced only from June 10 through June 18. The company says there have been no signs of its product being contaminated or reports of consumers falling sick. Niagara has put up instructions on their website on how to read the date on labels to find out if the bottled water should be disposed of. Baradi says they will keep an eye out for incoming shipment of Niagra bottled water. Meanwhile, she gives this tip to residents. 
She says, “Everyone be food safe, watch your lots, be cognizant of products you buy, just always be aware and safe with food and consumer commodities.”
[Photo credit: Niagara website]