Guam OSHA Consulting removed from conditional grant status

Guam OSHA On-site Consultation Safety Administrator Jesse Pangelinan conducts a free onsite safety clinic to help ensure companies enact policies and procedures aimed at protecting their workers. Photo courtesy of Guam Department of Labor)

The Guam Occupational Safety & Health Administration On-Site Consulting Services has been taken off conditional grant status by the federal government as of fiscal year 2020.

The OSHA on-Site Consulting Services division receives federal grant funds from the U.S. Department of Labor, but conditions based upon performance are put in place in order to receive the full amount, which is currently $352,800.

For about two years, the division received reduced funding and was placed under conditional grant status for nonperformance.

“In March when I went to San Francisco to meet with administrators from the U.S. Department of Labor,
they brought up concerns including the status of OSHA,” Guam Department of Labor Director David Dell’Isola said in a news release.

“But I knew we would get the conditional status removed. Within 11 months under the new administration and with the diligent work of our newly hired safety administrator Jesse Pangelinan and his staff, the department has been able to turn OSHA Services around and show significant improvement,” he added.

Overseen by OSHA regional Administrator Roger Forstner based in Hawaii, the Guam division is evaluated annually. Without improvement, there was potential to lose grant funds.

In 2018, the division didn’t perform up to OSHA’s expectations and the division only received a reduced grant amount. However, in 2019, due to the dramatic changes made by the On-Site Consulting Services, the division received the full grant amount and conditional status was removed.

“Part of the improvements we’ve made in the division comes from our aggressive outreach programs,” Dell’Isola said. “We will continue to hit the community with our free outreach efforts and consultations to better inform employers on workplace safety and to keep employees protected. I take every opportunity to promote our services so our local businesses know that we are here to help. The Labor Department does its best to concentrate on education and consultation instead of enforcement and fines.”

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