Guam Parole Board nearing completion

Franklin Leon Guerrero, nominee to the Guam Parole Board (From the Guam Legislature)

Guam – The Guam Parole Board is closer to being complete as the nomination of Franklin Leon Guerrero was heard yesterday.

Senator Therese Terlaje, who heads the Legislature’s justice committee, presided over the public hearing.

By statute, the Guam Parole Board is composed of five members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature.

It has come under fire due to the case of Paul Santos Mafnas Jr., a convicted sex offender who got arrested again for another offense after he was released.

The Mafnas case increased the urgency to fill up the parole board so that significant reforms can be implemented.

However, the appointment for Reverend Matthew Hunter, received by the Legislature on April 29, 2019, was later withdrawn on May 9.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero then submitted the nomination of Franklin Leon Guerrero, who previously served on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and chaired the Special Olympics Guam for numerous years.

In nominating Leon Guerrero, the governor said: “Frank is an outstanding member of our community known for his involvement in several organizations. He’s also a fierce advocate for a just and fair government. Frank will make an exceptional addition to the Guam Parole Board.”

Franklin Leon Guerrero is a veteran and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He also earned a Master’s Degree from the Air Command and Staff College.

During yesterday’s public hearing, Leon Guerrero said he didn’t want to address the previous issues hurled against the board because he still wasn’t a part of it. However, he promised that if confirmed to serve on the parole board, he will be fair and accountable.

Aside from Franklin Leon Guerrero, Terlaje’s committee also heard the nominations of the following:

  • Arania O. Adolphson, M.D. as a member of the Guam Board of Medical Examiners;
  • Diana B. Calvo as a member of the Guam Board of Social Work; and
  • Evangeline F. R. Allen as a member of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Board of Trustees.