Guam passes 50 percent vaccination rate target

Guam vaccination clinic (PNC file photo)

With only one day left before the May 1 deadline of having at least half of the island’s adult population vaccinated, Guam is already well ahead of its target.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero is currently holding a news conference announcing Guam’s successful passing of the administration’s “Path to Half” target.

The governor has promised to ease restrictions on visitors to Guam by May 1 if 50 percent of the island’s adult population is vaccinated under the administration’s “Path to Half” initiative.

Now that “The Path to Half” target has been reached, Guam will make adjustments to its quarantine requirements and there will be an exemption process to government and home or self-quarantine.

For example, if travelers, whether resident or non-resident, whether from the US or otherwise, enter Guam with a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival, they can avoid quarantine (both government and home/self) but they must download the COVID Alert App and must enroll in SARA Alert for 14 days.

If the travelers do not have a negative test, they will be required to follow the current protocol and go through government quarantine.

According to Dr. Hoa Nguyen, the chairman of Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s Physicians Advisory Group, as of Thursday morning, Guam already had a 50.4 percent vaccination rate.

“And that’s still not counting all the vaccination that we gave at UOG yesterday. So as of today, we should be over 50.4 percent,” Dr. Nguyen said in an interview with K-57’s Patti Arroyo this morning.

He cautioned that residents should still continue to practice caution because the virus is still out there as evidenced by the recent clusters at the A-Class Lounge and The Tsubaki Tower.

However, Dr. Nguyen said this latest outbreak is very different from the one last August.

“It’s not like August, you know, more people are vaccinated out there. We might see some positives, but the hospitalization would be much, much less and we can control a lot better. So we’ve reached our first milestone so we need to continue to reach another milestone to get higher and to get the whole island into herd immunity of about 70 to 80%,” the doctor said.