Guam plans to require proof of COVID vaccination before waiving quarantine requirement

Dr. Felix Cabrera

If you completed the second dose of your COVID-19 vaccination, you better safeguard your vaccination card in a secure place if you plan to travel off-island.

Dr. Felix Cabrera, Guam Public Health’s chief medical officer, said they are planning to waive the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated travelers only if the travelers are able to provide proof of full vaccination.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination may include the CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card and the vaccinating health authority record or vaccinating provider record.

“So if you are a traveler entering Guam, the first question that comes up is, ‘Are you fully immunized with a US FDA authorized vaccine? And do you have proof of vaccination? So first of all, the definition for fully, is that you have had your two weeks after receiving your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two weeks after receiving the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” Cabrera said during Thursday’s news conference on the pushing back of Guam’s reopening by two weeks.

If travelers answer yes to the questions, there’s going to be an immediate verification process and the vaccination record cards will be demanded.

“For all those who were vaccinated on Guam, you should have your card but also you’ll be able to obtain a copy of your vaccination record as well from the web as a printout, and that can be made available to you at no charge. So you will be able to obtain that fairly easily, and we recommend that prior to travel,” Cabrera said.

The doctor warned that both random and targeted audits will be conducted directly with the vaccination for verification and travelers with evidence of fraudulent records will be subject to fines and penalties that will be announced at a future time.

If travelers’ full vaccination is verified, there will be no further quarantine required. However, they must fully comply with the Sarah alert system requirement that is in place, and they are highly encouraged to download the Guam COVID app.

“And let’s say you’re coming from an area where you don’t have the full documentation for vaccination, then you will still go to the quarantine facility, and there will still be attempts to verify via other means, and hopefully that will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours. And if your vaccination is confirmed, then you will no longer be subject to quarantine. If it is unconfirmed, you will continue with the quarantine process as it is,” Cabrera said.

On the other hand, it will be status quo for those who are not vaccinated and they will go through regular quarantine, with the opportunity to test on day six, and then released by day seven if the test result is negative.