Guam Police Department Busy with Hike in Burglaries and Thefts


The Guam Police Department has busy week of thefts and burglaries, including two arrests.

GUAM – GPD has had its hands full with the recent rash of burglaries and thefts island-wide. Officers with the Criminal Justice Strike Force arrested two men in connection with a rash of burglaries to rent-a-cars used by tourists, this according to Police Spokesperson AJ Ballajadia. Anthony Joshua Mendiola and Vincent Leon Guerrero Unchangco were both arrested this morning. Mendiola, a 19-year old male and Unchangco, a 42-year old male, both from Dedeo, were picked up for the burglary of three vehicles and two robberies. Ballajadia warns the public to be mindful of any suspicious activity anywhere. He mentions the neighborhood watch program recently installed in Barrigada and he asks residents of any village to take advantage of the program which could help prevent future crimes. 

“They’ll take the opportunity, a vulnerable moment when you’re perhaps putting your child in the car, you put purse in the passenger side seat and while you’re occupied trying to secure the children, they may grab the bag,” said Ballajadia

Meanwhile, according to GPD, at 10:30a on Thursday, Guam Waterworks Authority reported theft of property valued at $2500. According to GWA, sometime between June 22 and June 25, six diamond cut aluminum plates and five-aluminum water grades were stolen from the Ugum Water Treatment Plant. GWA has estimated the value of the plates at $500 and the water grades at $2000. Ballajadia says that this particular type of theft could have a long-term affect on the taxpayers.

Ballajadia says that GPD, in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Strike force, is still looking into several cases involving robbery and theft.