Guam Port GM says 100% of employees must show up to work so Port remains operational

Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio (PNC file photo)

The General Manager of Guam’s Port says their agency is simply not set up for remote working, or able to function with a skeletal crew.

In a release issued Thursday, Rory Respicio said he’s responding to questions surrounding the need for 100% of Port employees to show up to work, and why the positions that are more conducive to work-from-home environments, aren’t being allowed to do so.

In his statement, Respicio said, the Port Authority of Guam receives ninety percent (90%) of all goods coming into Guam. The Port is also critical to ensuring the continuity of the supply chain throughout the region.

For this reason, the Governor has deemed the Port essential.

Respicio said that Port management, together with the Board of Directors, have been working to provide precautionary measures in order to remain 100% operational. Which is the reason the General Manager said, they’ve determined that everyone working at the Port is essential to keeping the supply chain flowing. 

Respicio said early on in the pandemic, the Port looked at running a skeleton crew, staggered hours, or having their employees work from home. 

“We are just not set up that way at the Port,” said Respicio.

“We have instituted these extraordinary precautionary measures since February 18, 2020, and are following the Governor’s directives and Public Health’s notices on the CDC guidelines,” said Respicio.

The requirement to remain 100% operational is also the reason we asked the Governor and Director of Public Health to open a Port Clinic on the premises. As of April 8, 2020, the clinic has seen 3,047 individuals (employees, vessel crew members, and tenants), and the results have been zero fevers and no COVID-19 symptoms.”