Guam Power Authority conducting customer engagement survey


The Guam Power Authority(GPA) says the research firm Anthology Research, will be conducting a customer survey to gauge the effectiveness of its customer engagement program.

The residential customer survey began Wednesday, October 21.

The survey for business customers will begin Thursday October 22. Customers to be surveyed are randomly chosen.

“We want to ensure our customers are being engaged effectively as we continue to re-focus our efforts on their needs for reliable power service,” General Manager John Benavente, PE said. “It is important that GPA meets or exceeds, the needs of our customers and we also want to ensure we are doing it in a responsible, transparent and cost-effective way.”

The data collected from this survey will be useful for GPA to assess areas in customer services that GPA can improve upon.

Over the next few weeks, customers, chosen at random, will receive a call, text or an email from Anthology Research requesting their participation in the survey. GPA appreciates the willingness and cooperation of the randomly selected customers to provide feedback through the research firm to GPA. All customer information and answers are kept strictly confidential.

Customers can contact GPA at 647-5787 with any questions about the survey.

(News release from Guam Power Authority)