Guam Preservation Trust to Unveil Guam’s First Heritage Preserve FRIDAY


Guam – The Guam Preservation Trust (Trust) will unveil Guam first heritage preserve at a press conference scheduled for this Friday, March 7, at  3pm in the Fort Santo Angel Room at the Outrigger Hotel. 

The Preserve is located in Sumay adjacent to the Shell and GRESCO properties. The property contains multiple cultural, natural and historic resources that have potential in increasing the knowledge of Guam’s history and heritage.

The management of this site complements the vision of the Trust to preserve and protect Guam’s cultural and natural heritage. The Trust will promote the conservation and protection of the environmental footprint in addition to providing opportunities for social and economic benefit for the community.

The Trust received this property from Shell and appreciates their generous contribution and support of the Trust’s vision. Shell’s Corporate Office states, “Shell is pleased to donate a 70- hectare Antantano River Site in Guam to the Guam Preservation Trust. 

The Trust plans to conserve the land, which has significant cultural value, and will be held by the Trust for the benefit of the people of Guam which Shell supports.”