Guam Product Seal Task Force Adopts Official “Guam Product Seal”

She pointed out that Guam’s location allows for a "robust hub and spoke system that would promote sourcing from multiple Asian countries and manage the distribution or assembly of products on island that would be classified as assembled on Guam, USA.

Guam -The Guam Product Seal Task Force adopted an official “Guam Product Seal.” This Seal will soon be placed on all products, which have been permitted under the Guam Product Seal Program.


The GPS Program was created by Public Law 18-42, and is intended to promote products that are “Made on Guam.” The Seal serves as a guarantee to consumers the products are in fact made on Guam, and are of high quality.

“The Guam Product Seal gives us a sense of pride in products unique to Guam,” said Governor Eddie Baza Calvo. “This is perpetuated by our desire to share our Pacific paradise with the world.”

The Guam Product Seal was designed with symbols that tell a story of our rich culture and heritage. It includes the coconut tree symbolizing the resilience of the people of Guam and the sustenance it provides. The flying proa is a symbol of the ingenuity of the ancient Chamorros as it united Micronesia by the ocean. The latte stone serves as a reminder of the solid foundation of family, and the strength of our culture and heritage enduring through the ages.

“Having the Guam Product Seal is important for Guamanians, especially those who run a business promoting, protecting and preserving our culture,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. “The Seal is important for the Guam brand – how we market her, how we market our community.”

The Guam Product Seal Program is administered by the Guam Economic Development Authority, which will begin enforcement on July 1, 2013. Permit holders will have two years from that date to adopt the new image, and incorporate it into their packaging.