Guam Product Seal Task Force Discusses Changing Look of Guam Product Seal


The Guam Product Seal task force held a meeting Thursday to discuss how to improve the Guam Product Seal program.

The Guam Product Seal is a logo that products made on Guam can use on their packaging to identify their authenticity. Today the task force discussed plans to partner up with the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority to place kiosks at the airport strictly for Guam products. The task force also discussed the possibility of changing the logo of the Guam Product Seal. “Shouldn’t the Guam product seal kind of look like the Guam seal I mean look. I’m just saying you know right now it’s kind of got this bland sort of image of Guam…this Guam product seal around it and that’s it,” said Guam Product Seal Task Force Chairman Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio

Lt. Governor Tenorio said that if the Guam product seal were changed to look more like the seal of Guam there would be a transitional period to allow for Guam products to print new packaging.