Payless Says It Never Had, and Never Sold Tainted Meat Cited By USDA


Guam – Payless General Manager Mike Benito said Payless Guam never had, and never sold the tainted meat cited by the USDA.

In addition, the Administrator of the Division of Environmental Health, Thomas Nadeau, says that Guam Payless “does not possess the recalled batch” of ground beef.

Payless is named by the USDA in a release as one of a number of retail outlets that the federal agency “believes” may have sold recalled ground beef from a Modesto California firm.

The list, posted on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website, names 6 states and Guam.

Read the list of retail stores

The ground beef has been linked to 7 people falling ill from a rare sub-type of the E. coli bacteria.

Benito said he will contact USDA to correct the posting.

In an email response to PNC News, Guam Environmental Health Administrator M. Thomas Nadeau states: “Our office has communicated with Payless.  The establishment was contacted by their distributor about the implicated meat product, and Payless has confirmed that they do not possess the recalled batch.”

Nadeau also says that “ass policy, we notify the island’s major retailers and distributors of any product recalls that we suspect may affect Guam.  When we are notified, or discover, the presence of any recalled products on island, we work with the vendor for its removal and then issue a press release notifying the public of our findings.”