Guam Ratepayers May Have To Pay Back Buildup Related Infrastructure Loans


Guam – Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper has reported that the Japanese funding for Guam’s infrastructure that is needed for the military buildup will have to be repaid by charging Guam ratepayers.




As you may recall the Joint Guam Program Office has maintained that Japan would loan the $700 million dollars necessary to beef up Guam’s infrastructure to meet the needs of the military buildup. CCU chairman Simon Sanchez and former JGPO Executive Director David Bice have repeatedly stated that Guam ratepayers would not be charged for the repayment of this loan. However the Shimbun is currently reporting that the “U.S. side would use money made from charging infrastructure users, including the marines and Guam citizens, to pay back the loans.” Senator Judi Guthertz who has legislative oversight of the buildup issued a release today asking CCU Chair Simon Sanchez to clarify the status of the arrangements to pay for the $700 million dollar loan. She is also asking the Joint Guam Program Office to take a more proactive role in explaining what is occurring in these negotiations in which Gov Guam has no representation.