Guam Receives $2.5 Million in Grant Funding, $500K for HIES


Guam – Washington announced that the Department of Interior will provide Guam with $2.5 million in FY 2018 grant allocations.

In DOI’s news release, Assistant Secretary Doug Domenech says the projects that will be supported by the federal money “either develop local capacity or provide improvements to infrastructure and equipment, helping to promote more self-sufficiency in the larger Guam economy.”

Nearly $1 million of that allotment is going to the Office of the Lt. Governor to fund scholarships and overall operations at the Guam Contractor’s Association Trades Academy and GCC’s Tourism and Travel Management and Culinary Arts programs.

Another $495K will be given to the Bureau of Statistics and Plans to carry out the Household Income and Expenditures Survey, an effort that ultimately determines the Gross Domestic Product for Guam. The survey also provides up-to-date demographic and socioeconomic information about the island’s residents that are crucial for policy planning in both the public and private sectors.

The rest of the funding will be awarded as follows:

  • Department of Public Health and Social Services – $107,112 to provide professional review and certification of fixed assets at the Guam Environmental Public Health Laboratory including employee training and development of standard operating procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Office of Technology – $249,010 to support the deployment of network monitoring and develop management tools for operational efficiency and security of government cyber infrastructure.  This newly created office provides direct IT services for Guam’s twenty-seven executive branch agencies and over 3,000 government employees.
  • Guam Police Department – $28,414 to ensure safety and meet proper standards by upgrading and retrofitting K9 transport vehicles with special equipment appropriate for K9 units.
  • Guam Waterworks Authority – $154,950 for operations and maintenance training for all water and wastewater services in areas such as leak detection, pump and motor operation, maintenance, and rebuilding.
  • Guam Department of Education – $173,442 to support an update of the Ten-year Capital Facilities master plan to ensure to meet facility needs at Guam schools.
  • Department of Administration – $248,000 to enhance fixed-asset software and hardware to track construction projects, address audit findings, improve efficiency in reporting, and provide training.

Grant applications are submitted to the DOI Office of Insular Affairs between October and May every year. The US Congress determines the size of the appropriations.