Guam Reef hotel’s campaign stands out and brings message of hope

Guam Reef Hotel was recognized for being a COVID Hero and providing support to the community.

On Saturday night, select Tumon-facing rooms in the Guam Reef Hotel were lighted up to spell the word HOPE, a symbol that Guam will overcome this current COVID-19 crisis.

In these trying times, the Reef Hotel management team led by President & General Manager Yasuo Hoshino and Online Sales Manager Yuki Motoda, along with hotel staff, came up with the campaign that stood out amidst the empty streets of Tumon.

Photos of the hotel went viral on social media over the weekend and Hoshino said he heard good things about the campaign from the community. He said the campaign was the perfect gift for everybody —- since it made the community feel better.

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“That’s what we want and we made it,” Hoshino said.

According to Hoshino, the HOPE campaign is just one of the creative ideas that the hotel came up with to continue supporting the local community.

Meanwhile, Motoda credits the collaboration of the hotel team in making the campaign successful.

“We would like to keep creating content that spread positivity to the community and we are working on the next project,” Motoda said.

Since the governor issued her social distancing directive, the hotel started organizing more activities online such as cooking and yoga classes, according to Hoshino.