Guam Reef kicks off Filipino Food Festival

The infected airmen were part of a unit deployed to Guam on May 25 and temporarily lodged at the Reef Hotel.

Bringing to Guam a taste of the Philippines with some of the top chefs from Cebu, the Guam Reef Hotel invites the community to Rica and Rico’s Restaurant for their Filipino Food Festival.

From staple delicacies like kare-kare and lechon kawali to desserts like the halo-halo and sago’t gulaman, executive chefs from Plantation Bay in Cebu led by Chef Lee Mathew Ramas brought with these to Guam for all to enjoy through June 23.

“Even if you’re not in the Philippines you still have to feel at home. Although this is our home, Guam is our home and we’re so thankful to Guam, you can never take the heart of the Filipinos out from the Philippines,” said Chito De Guzman-Aguilo, director of food and beverage at Guam Reef.

Philippine Consul General Marciano De Borja said: “It’s really an honor and a pleasure to have three of our top chefs from Cebu here. Of course courtesy of Guam Reef and also Plantation Bay in Mactan Cebu.”

He added: “Outside of the Philippines, it’s only on Guam that we are celebrating Philippine Independence Month. Normally it’s just a day, but now we have an entire month to have the Philippine community celebrate Philippine Independence.”

The Guam Reef is inviting everyone to wine and dine, the Filipino way – and also to earn your chance at winning a 2-night stay at Plantation Bay in Cebu, breakfast included.

Also, this Wednesday Guam Reef is inviting everyone to join them for their 13th annual flag raising ceremony at the Reef, in honor of the 121st Philippine Independence Anniversary, at 7 a.m.