Guam Regional Medical City Has Yet to Apply For Q.C.


Guam – The developers of the private hospital or Guam Regional Medical City have yet to submit a formal request for a Qualifying Certificate or Q.C.




A Q.C. would allow for major tax breaks for the private hospital, something that the Guam Medical Association has openly opposed. GEDA Administrator Karl Pangelinan says they’ve only received a letter of intent from the Guam Regional Medical City stating that they intend on applying for a Q.C. other than this letter Pangelinan says they have received no update on their quest for a Q.C. Guam Regional Medical City CEO Margaret Bengzon has told PNC that they were hoping to get an application in before the end of the year. “I hope that does happen and I hope the process actually gets initiated that way within the process there’s a public hearing and number one we let the hospital folks go through the process but secondly it allows the public to come in i know there’s been a lot of concerns from a lot of different levels but that would be the venue where they would voice their concerns about this or that company receiving a qualifying certificate. You know again all I’m hoping for is to give them a fair shake at the process and to allow them to go through the process and the next step would be for them to submit a formal application which haven’t received to date,” said Bengzon. The Guam Medical Association has already voiced concerns with this potential request for a Q.C. saying it could negatively impact the Guam Memorial Hospital.